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Rewards Credit Card
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MilesAway is Rewarding WCA members with every purchase!

WCA is thrilled to team up with NCMIC to offer your new WCA member benefit … the WCA MilesAway Business Credit Card!

WCA is the first Chiropractic Association in the nation to offer this credit card opportunity brought to you by NCMIC. We chose to partner with NCMIC and proposed this credit card program to benefit chiropractic practices and our members. We are proud to be the leading chiropractic association in the United States to offer this type of opportunity to our members!


What is it?

MilesAway® Mastercard® is the business credit card chosen by thousands of your fellow D.C.s. With NO ANNUAL FEE and a variety of rewards, it’s easy to see why. Plus, you can rely on NCMIC for the flexibility and stellar service you deserve. 

How to use it:

This no-annual-fee Mastercard is the go-to card for D.C.s, with an array of reward options and exceptional benefits. Use your WCA mastercard for your business. A Rewards Card with Cash Back as a Statement Credit, Travel, Merchandise and Gift Cards. 

Use your card for:

  • WCA Membership Dues
  • Continuing Education course enrollment
  • ChiroStrong donations

How to apply:

Disclosure: Credit card is offered through NCMIC Finance Corporation. NCMIC Finance Corporate and Wisconsin Chiropractic Association are separate entities, are not agents of one another, and have no authority to bind on another to financial or other contractual obligations