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Meet our Partners

Meet Our Premium Corporate Partners:


Over 800,000 families across America have access to affordable healthcare through ChiroHealthUSA and more than 4,900 member doctors are practicing with more peace of mind, growing their practice and offering patients affordable care while minimizing the risk of potential fines and penalties up to $10,000 per occurrence. ChiroHealthUSA is a provider-owned network, that works in conjunction with a Discount Medical Plan Organization (DMPO) that was designed with doctors in mind. Our network model allows you to offer legal network based discounts to cash, underinsured and "out of network" patients who are members. Patients covered by Medicare and federal programs are eligible for discounts on non-covered services. The network approach to discounts reduces the risks of compliance and OIG violations related to inducements, improper down coding, dual fee schedules and potentially inappropriate time of service discounts.


Our mission statement is simply “Quality Not Compromise” is ingrained in every aspect of our business,from an unwavering belief in the limitless potential applications of low- level laser, down to the care and quality of the smallest component of our devices. Just pick up any Erchonia product and feel the quality of workmanship and see the attention to detail that can only come from Erchonia’s near-complete control of the manufacturing and assembly processes that go into each product bearing the Erchonia name.

Genius Solutions

We are the creators of THOMAS (Total Health Office Management Automation System) Practice Management System (eTHOMAS) and our three-time government-certified EHR (ehrTHOMAS). We help both your office flow and your patient flow with automated appointments, reminders, insurance verification, inventory, statements, claims submission, remittance posting, payments, and more, with a resource library full of templates, tests, and reports just for chiropractic.


"We Take Care of Our Own®" says it all. NCMIC was founded in 1946 by chiropractors for chiropractors. Today, we are the nation's largest provider of chiropractic malpractice insurance.  NCMIC wants you to succeed every step of the way. That’s why our family of companies provides insurance and financial products and services beyond malpractice insurance. NCMIC will help you protect your practice, livelihood and assets with business and personal coverage. You can also look to us to help you build and grow your practice with money-saving financial products. With NCMIC, you’ll get the personalized service you deserve from a company who knows chiropractic.


The vision of David and Greg Peterson led to a third-generation family owned business with international acclaim, respect, and trust. The passion and dedication to improve quality of life continues to inspire NutriDyn™ to seek new advancements in health and longevity through innovative clinical nutrition and educational services.

Online Chiro

Online Chiro offers the best value in online marketing with professionally designed chiropractic websites and complete digital marketing services with packages starting as low as $39/month. Our solutions include website design, Search Engine Optimization, Patient Education, and Reputation Management Services.  Switch to Online Chiro, and let us improve your online presence and attract new customers.  


SIDECAR Overdrive provides the training needed to transform you into a confident business leader. With a collective 75 years in experience, SIDECAR can offer proven methods for achieving a successful chiropractic practice. We are here to free you from the stress of practice management by giving you support and training for achieving chiropractic success. Our highly trained team can offer you online training, solutions for billing, IT management and one-on-one-training. We are committed to helping you achieve chiropractic affluence through our expert guidance.

Standard Process

Standard Process does things differently. We grow 80% of the plants we use in our nutritional supplements right here on our family-owned, certified organic farm. We protect nutrients in their natural state for potency, efficacy, and quality.