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Licensing FAQs
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1. How many continuing education hours do I need for license renewal?
40 hours approved Continuing Education
4 hours approved Continuing Education needed for Nutrition Certification Renewal
Evidence that the licensee is certified in CPR
Evidence that the applicant has current proficiency in the use of an AED
CTs: 6 CE hours
CRTs: 12 CE hours

2. What courses are approved for continuing education in Wisconsin?

3. Does the biennium end at 11:59 pm on December 14 and begin 12:00am December 15?
Yes, that is correct, the 2017-18 biennium for continuing education for DCs, CRTs and CTs ends at midnight on 12/14/18. DCs, CRTs and CTs must complete required Continuing Education for the biennium and complete the license renewal process prior to this deadline.

4. How long does it take once someone renews? If someone renews on December 14, do they need to wait for confirmation from DSPS? Can they continue to practice while they wait?
If they complete everything online, and have met all requirements, it takes 1-2 business days for the license to be renewed. If they submit a paper application, this can take upwards of 14 business days for processing.. As long as someone has made “timely and sufficient” effort to renew prior to the deadline, they are eligible to continue practicing until the renewal process is complete (WI statute 227.51(2)).

5. What if I don’t have my CEs completed by December 14? Can I still practice – i.e. is there a grace period? No - if you have not completed your CE’s, then you cannot renew your license, meaning you cannot practice.

6. Can a course scheduled on or after December 15 be used for renewal for the 17-18 biennium? Would this be a late renewal?
It can only be used if you do a late renewal on December 15th or later. If you renew after the course takes place, you can apply it to your 17-18 renewal, but then that same class cannot be counted for credit hours for the 2019-2020 biennium. In addition, this would not be considered a “timely and sufficient” effort to renew, as it was not timely (prior to expiration date/deadline), so you would have to wait until your license is officially renewed by DSPS before resuming practice.

7. Can DCs complete a CPR/AED course that is online only? Or is it a requirement that there be a hands-on component as well?
The CPR/AED programs are not approved through Chiro 5 and thus are not subject to the self-study requirement, so they can be fulfilled online as long as it was appropriately approved by DHS or another appropriate approving body. Here’s a list of approved CPR/AED instructors:
ProTrainings LLC is one approved CPR/AED vendor who offers online courses.

8. If I received my license/certification this year (or last year), do I need continuing education hours to renew?

No. If you received your license/certification within THIS biennium (Dec 15, 2016 – Dec 14, 2018) you do NOT need any CE Hours; however, you must still complete the renewal process and pay the applicable fee to renew your license

9. What if I didn’t receive anything from DSPS regarding renewing my license/certification?
You may wish to look up your license. Log in using your PIN and check your contact information.

10. Is the new WCA 12-hour CT Certification Course approved for CT renewal hours for currently licensed CTs?
Yes, it is. If you are taking the December 1 class you MUST be in class 8:00 am – 3:00 pm (6 hours not counting lunch break). The cost is the same as for those taking for Initial Certification. 

11. I attended only 4 hours of a 12-hour class through WCA, and I have the attendance voucher as a record showing that I left after 4 hours. When I enter the approval code, the DSPS system lists the complete 12 hours. What should I do?
When we submit for CE approval, we indicate the number of class hours. If a DC attends only part of a class, the DSPS system has no way to know that.  It is up to you to be sure you have actually attended 40 hours of CE. If you were to be audited you would need to produce the certificates of attendance to prove it.

Important Caveat: The answers above are accurate to the best of our knowledge. However, should any of the information prove to be misleading, unclear, incorrect, or is in any way misinterpreted by the reader, WCA cannot be held responsible. If you have any doubts or want clarification, contact DSPS at 608-266-2112 or e-mail