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CE Survey Report
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We received 196 Surveys from all over the state.Here are some comments from you and responses from WCA:

 “It would be nice to have more of a variety of courses available. Demonstrations during courses and do more hands(-on).”

WCA: A common request! We are always sourcing speakers who can offer specific adjusting techniques. There are issues of proprietary content with some of the schools, and it has been challenging to find speakers able to partner with us to offer their classes at a price that is within our CE budget. If you have specific connections to anyone who is qualified to teach specific techniques, and who wants to teach in Wisconsin, please let us know

“Make online courses available for CEUs.”

WCA: Another common request, and we agree! and WCA is in favor of online CE hours counting towards license renewal. The Chiropractic Examining Board has been discussing this for a while. We hope it will be coming to Wisconsin soon. The timing of allowing online CE is up to the CEB but will not occur within the current 2019-2020 biennium.  

“How do you teach DNS workshops but do not accept the DNS course taught by the full accredited DNS instructors. Your choice to not honor a 18 hour course has me pissed off because I can't protest this decision since the WCA also do not accept credits already done?”

WCA: This comment is confusing to us, because WCA does not “honor” CEs, nor “accept” credits – the Chiropractic Examining Board does. We’d love to hear more about what you mean by this. Give us a call or email – 608-256-7023 or

“Just to have the CRT CE classes pertain to the staff instead of the doctors. There's been CE classes two times now that staff had to sit through reading of x-rays. Way beyond our scope of understanding.”

WCA: Yes. We tried that based on a suggestion from a neighboring state, where they apparently offer radiology courses for DCs and staff combined. We tried it in 2018, and due to the feedback from attendees, we will probably not do it again. 

“Mini Conventions each quarter outside of the big convention in different quadrants of the state would be great. (i.e. Eagle River, Eau Claire, Green Bay, Wisconsin Dells/Milwaukee area). Each mini convention can have a focus i.e. nutrition, sports science, diagnostic, techniques, etc. that way people with various certifications like nutrition or CCSP can get their CEU's easily in one weekend.”

WCA: Love this idea & will suggest at our next education committee meeting. 

“The WCA recently offered four different 2 hour topics in one day for a total of 8 credits and I love that idea. However, the classes we offered only on a Friday, which is a very busy day in our office and I prefer to be there for my patients. Please consider offering that format on a Saturday again.”

WCA: Noted. We’ll work on adding more classes like that. 

Your comments on class length and scheduling:

  • “I would rather do a 12-hour Saturday than 8-hour Saturday and 4-hour Sunday.”

  • “(I prefer) classes no longer than 8 hours a day.”

  • “I prefer 8, 10 or 12-hour one day seminars so I don't have to miss out on family events or be out of the office too long.”

  • “A mixture of hours but anything less than 6 Is not worth the length of drive to get to seminar.’

  • “Friday afternoons, all day Saturday, home for Sunday.”

  • “Would like to see classes offered during the week.”

  • “It would be nice to have more options at the spring/fall conventions for Sundays…we miss out on a lot of opportunities when you make Sundays an afterthought.” 

WCA: As you can see, some prefer weekdays, some weekends. Some prefer 12-hour days, some reach their limit after 8 hours. Some prefer to reserve weekends for family, some need to attend classes on weekends because they are in clinic during the week. We try hard to offer a variety of options to meet demand and be responsive to your requests. We have introduced some 12-hour days for CT classes based on feedback from DCs wanting to have their staff trained in one day or one weekend.