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Class Notes
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Digital Class Notes - Continuing Education

Click the links below to access and download notes.

With a few exceptions, such as Certification Courses like Nutrition and CT Delegation,  WCA does not provide printed notes at classes.

We now post notes to the website in order to minimize paper waste and save resources. 

Notes are posted a few days prior to class for those who wish to download and/or print notes to have in class.

Thank you for your understanding. If you have any questions, call us at 608 256-7023. 

Note: Events are in reverse order.

 Classes  Please note special instructions below!  Notes
 Thu Sept 26
1. ABCs of Personal Injury, Gallagher  gallagher_abcs_of_pi_notes.pdf
2. Revolutionary Wellness: Functional Approach, Silverman


 Fri Sept 27
 3. General Session: Hacking Chiro Profession, Greenstein


 4. HIPAA Compliance, Talcott


 5. Addressing Underlying Causes of Fatigue, Oler



 6. Today's Chiropractor, Greenstein


 7. Evaluation & Mgmt Coding, Wilder


 8. Rev. Wellness: Gut to Brain Axis, Silverman


 9. Biomechanics, Imaging & Care - Active Patient, Charette
 10. Stroke: Truth Shall Set You Free, Mackey


 11. HVLA Manipulation, Mackey
 12. CT Certification, Holland
If you can, bring a BP cuff, stethoscope, and patient intake forms from your clinic. 

 Printed notes provided in class.

 Sat Sept 28
 13. Addressing Underlying Causes Fatigue, Oler

 See above, #5

 14. Impairment Rating, Yeomans 
Recommended textbook:6th edition of the AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment book (purchase through Amazon or AMA Press) 


Link to additional notes

 15. Common Subluxation - Lowr Extremity, Charrette


 16. Diagnostic Imaging of Spine & Extremities, Mick


 17. Avoiding Expensive Documentation Mistakes, Gwilliam


 18. Hemp: Endocannabinoid System, Germano & Troup


 19. Chiropractic Treatment Options - TMJ, Varish
 Please bring a portable adjusting table if you are   able. Also, if you use an Activator-type instrument, consider bringing yours. 


 20. CT Modality Training, Holland
For Electrotherapy portion of course (8am-11am) bring a set of 4 electrode pads from your clinic. You will need these for the practice portion of the class. 

 Printed notes provided in class.

 21. Chiropractic Treatment Options - Shoulder Conditions, Varish 
Please bring a portable adjusting table if you are   able. 


 22. Chiropractic CPT & ICD-10 Coding, Gwilliam


 23. Compression Band Flossing, Rizer


 24. Myofascial Cupping, Rizer


 25. Informed Consent - Patient Safety, Wilder


 Sun Sept 29
 26. CT Cold Laser, Varish

 Printed notes provided in class.

 27. IASTM Redefined, Rizer  rizer_iastm_wca.pdf
 28. Impairment Rating, Yeomans  See above, #14

Sat Sept 7, Front Desk Clean Up, Dr. Anderson, Onalaska
Notes will be emailed to all registrants on Thursday afternoon. Thanks for your patience. 

Sat Aug 10, Front Desk Clean Up, Dr. Anderson, Reedsburg
Notes will be emailed to all registrants on Thursday afternoon. Thanks for your patience. 

Sat July 13, Front Desk Clean Up, Dr. Anderson, Madison
Notes will be emailed to all registrants on Thursday afternoon, July 11. Thanks for your patience. 

Fri June 21 & Sat June 22, Dr. Sergent, Advanced Exercise Rehab, Aurora Summit Medical Center, Oconomowoc  Please dress to allow for movement and exercise. 
Adv Exer Rehab Lower Extremity (Fri)
Adv Exer Rehab Upper Exremity (Sat)

April 27-28
Directions to Aurora Summit Medical Center 

Sun April 28, Hands-on CMT for Extremities, Dr. Stark, Aurora Summit Medical Center, Oconomowoc
Please dress to allow for movement and bring a portable adjusting table if you are able.
Outline - Intro Extremity CMT
Hip Motion and CMT
Shoulder CMT

Sat April 27, Whiplash, Dr. Yeomans, Aurora Summit Medical Center, Oconomowoc
Notes Part 1 REVISED 4-26-19
Notes Part 2
Notes Part 3

Additional Resources/Handouts
1.09 WAD Biomech 
NEW on 4-26-19:1a._wad_notes_-_pi_info_94pp.doc
2a.WAD-Plus Model   3.2001 Quebec Task Force   4.Marshall-Vernon Public 2015   5.Whiplash Injury Recovery Booklet   6.AU WAD Guidelines 2014   7.2010 Bronfort Article  8.DTI 2019 Info  9.Slides Explaining DTI-PET scans   10.Apportionment Scale  11.Prognosis Scale  12.1016 Biomarkers  13.Benedetti et al MRI Images  14.Construct Validity of Clinical Tests  15.Open Mouth Lat FI Stress XR  16.Osmotherly - ALAR Ligament  NEW on 4-26: 17.Clin Pred Rule Neck


Thu Mar 21
Chiropractic Nutrition Module 3, Oler  Printed notes provided in class
Fri Mar 22
Running Injuries, Shiels  >>Notes
Practical Applications McKenzie Method, Soltys  Link to notes on dropbox >>here 
Intro to DNS, Earl  >>Notes
 Advanced Biomechanical Testing, Smith  >>Notes - 1 per page
 >>Notes - 2 per page
Clinical Posture Assessment, Weiniger  >>Notes
CT Certification  Printed notes provided in class. 
Sat Mar 23
Chiropractic Nutrition Module 4, Oler  Printed notes provided in class.
Clinical Posture Assessment, Weiniger  Same as Friday - see above 
Common Upper Extremity Disorders, Steele  >>Notes
Common Lower Extremity Disorders, Steele  >>Notes
CT Electrotherapy, CT Ultrasound  Printed notes provided in class.
CRT 4  Printed notes provided in class.
 Sun Mar 24  
 CT Thermo-Cryotherapy, CT Mechanical Therapy  Printed notes provided in class.


 Feb 23  
 Pediatrics Sports Injuries, Hewitt    >>Notes (updated 2-20)
 Documentation Workshop, Anderson   Handouts provided in class.
 Running Injuries, Shiels  >>Notes
 Low Back Pain, Bertelsman   >>Notes
 Athletic Training & Chiropractic, Boland & Luedke  >>Notes
  Feb 24  
 Pediatric Concussion, Hewitt  >>Notes (updated 2-20)
 Rotator Cuff, Bertelsman   >>Notes
 Combining Disciplines, Boland & Luedke  >>Notes

Feb 16-17. Chiropractic Nutrition Mod 2, Dr. Oler, Fitchburg 
Printed notes provided in class

Feb 9-10. Chiropractic Nutrition Mod 1, Dr. Oler, Fitchburg
Printed notes provided in class