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WCA Help Desk
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The WCA Help Desk is consistently ranked as a top member benefit and is your go-to source for assistance with daily practice challenges, just an email away.  Due to the Stay at Home emergency order currently in effect in Wisconsin, WCA staff is working remotely.  The best way to contact the WCA Help Desk at this time is via email at

It would be extremely difficult to list out every topic that the Help Desk can assist with - but here are a few:

  • Billing & Coding
  • Insurance benefits & reimbursement specific to chiropractic
  • Record retention
  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • Legal

Of course this list is not all-inclusive and rarely do we receive the same exact question twice. For that reason we rely on a number of subject matter experts.

NOTE: Be HIPAA Compliant! When submitting claims or EOBs for review, please redact patient health information including name

Dr. Janette Daley shares:
"The WCA has been a tremendously valuable resource to me throughout my career.  The seminars bring essential, current information to us.  And the WCA Help Desk is my go-to for practice advice.  I could not imagine practicing without the support of the WCA.  Thank you for all your hard work!  It is greatly appreciated!"
"I really feel very supported by the WCA and all that you are doing." Dr. L.K.


Meet the Help Desk


   Alicia Weich joined the WCA team in 2013 as a Member Services Coordinator, where she helped to 
establish the WCA Help Desk. Prior to WCA, Alicia worked for insurance companies such as Humana and WPS, and in the billing office for Dean Clinics. While chiropractic was new to her, she quickly applied her past knowledge and experience to better understand the profession. She prides herself on being an effective listener and communicator. Recently, she has been taking on a greater role in WCA communications such as eNews, social media and magazine articles. With over five years' experience staffing the Help Desk, she provides a helpful knowledge base to her co-workers.
In addition to the WCA Staff members above who support the Help Desk on a daily basis, the WCA has a number of skilled experts whose knowledge we can draw upon. Christopher Anderson, DC with provides technical assistance and lends a front-line perspective.
   Barbara Zabawa, JD from the Center for Health & Wellness Law, LLC provides special legal counsel. Numerous other subject matter experts including course instructors and practicing chiropractors lend their knowledge on specialized topics such as Worker's Compensation.



Frequent Topics

The WCA Help Desk provides helpful answers to your questions on topics like: Billing and coding, Billing and legal, Electronic Health Records (EHR), HIPAA compliance, Licensing and regulation, Medicaid, Medicare, Patient records, PQRS and MIPS, Member communications and surveys, and Webinars.