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CHIEF is now ChiroStrong!

Formerly the Chiropractic Health Information & Education Fund (CHIEF), WCA's administered state political conduit fund is now called ChiroStrong. We feel this new name better aligns with our vision to position Wisconsin chiropractors as the preferred provider of neuromuscular skeletal patient care and educate the public, policymakers and payers on the clinical, economic and public health value of chiropractic care. Chiropractic has a rich history of flexing its political muscle to advance the profession and expand patient access to chiropractic care.

What is ChiroStrong?

ChiroStrong is a state political conduit fund administered by the Wisconsin Chiropractic Association on the behalf of WCA members who elect to contribute to it. Through ChiroStrong, WCA members can support elected officials and candidates who are true advocates of the chiropractic profession in Wisconsin. Every dollar you contribute goes to your personal ChiroStrong account, which you control. While the WCA will recommend specific candidates to support, no money leaves your account without your authorization. When the WCA identifies a candidate or committee to support, we will fax or email a ChiroStrong Authorization Request form with the name of the candidate/committee, and the amount to consider authorizing from your personal ChiroStrong account. Please return this form promptly, as we cannot act without your authorization. ChiroStrong is not a Political Action Committee (PAC) and contributions are not tax deductible for income tax purposes.

Why Contribute?

Chiropractors and their patients are a powerful force when we get organized and motivated. Well, its time to get motivated again! The politicians in Madison did not magically decide to include chiropractic care in the state worker’s compensation or Medicaid program many years ago.  Commercial insurance plans did not cover chiropractic care until the Wisconsin Chiropractic Association rallied its members and their patients to demand equal access under insurance plans.  Politicians listened because we were loud, clear and relentless!

The evidence is clear - chiropractic care presents a highly cost effective solution to the opioid crisis.  But policy makers, insurance companies and health systems are not going to change their business practices to embrace expanded access to chiropractic care unless we convince them - through loud voices and strong political action.

We have to raise the political resources to convince elected officials that expanded access to chiropractic care has to be part of the solution to the opioid crisis. We need to continually build our political resources and support elected officials who will support expanded access to chiropractic.  Having allies and advocates who will fight for the chiropractic profession when the big decisions are made at the State Capitol is critical to our future success. 

The opioid crisis is not going to go away any time soon and insurance companies, health systems and politicians are notoriously slow to act, especially when their profit motives are aligned with maintaining the status quo. Changing state laws affecting insurance, Medicaid and major health systems will take several years over multiple sessions of the Wisconsin Legislature.  That is why we need to have sustained political resources to make our voices heard and change policies toward greater patient access to chiropractic care and away from addictive opioids.

Become a sustaining contributor today! Click here

The Wisconsin Chiropractic Association is a 501(c)(6) organization. The ChiroStrong political conduit is NOT a Political Action Committee (PAC) and contributions are not tax deductible for income tax purposes. The contributors' explicit consent is required for any disbursement of funds, therefore accurate contact information is critical. No goods or services are provided in exchange for your contribution.

How to Participate?

Making an investment in the chiropractic profession is now easier than ever, with the ability to donate online at The Donorbox online platform is easy to use, works with personal credit/debit cards or personal check, and allows for recurring contributions. Accepted types of credit card include Visa, MasterCard, American Express & Discover.

If you prefer to complete a contribution form and send it to the WCA, please click here for a PDF ChiroStrong contribution form.

You can also elect to make a one-time contribution. Monthly, quarterly & annual pledges will auto-renew each year. To change/stop, simply contact the WCA at (608) 256-7023. The WCA conduit fully complies with all state and federal election laws and reporting requirements.

Questions About ChiroStrong?

For questions on how to use Donorbox to set up a contribution, or to modify an existing contribution, please contact David Bobka at (608) 256-7023 or

For questions on legislative issues or pro-chiropractic advocacy efforts, please contact WCA Executive Director John Murray at (608) 256-7023 or