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Chiropractic Health Information & Education Fund
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2017 Chief Pledge Drive

  • Read WCA Government Affairs Committee Chair Dr. Gene Yellen-Shiring's letter to the membership

  • Click here to learn more about the WCA's Legislative Priorities

  • Access WCA's Official Guide to CHIEF (includes CHIEF Contribution Levels)

What is CHIEF?

The Chiropractic Health Information & Education Fund, or C.H.I.E.F., is a state political conduit fund administered by the Wisconsin Chiropractic Association on the behalf of WCA members who elect to contribute to it. Through CHIEF, WCA members can support elected officials and candidates who are true advocates of the chiropractic profession in Wisconsin. Every dollar you contribute goes to your personal CHIEF account, which you control. While the WCA will recommend specific candidates to support, no money leaves your account without your authorization. CHIEF is not a Political Action Committee (PAC) and contributions are not tax deductible for income tax purposes. 

Why Contribute?

There is constant change and turnover at the Capitol, so having allies in the Wisconsin Legislature who understand the value of chiropractic is critical to advancing our interests. The WCA utilizes a survey to gauge each candidate’s support for pro-chiropractic policies. This allows us to identify and work with candidates and elected officials who are truly pro-chiropractic. Additionally, contributing to CHIEF allows for personal recognition while also showing unity within the Wisconsin chiropractic community.

How to Participate?

Member outreach regarding CHIEF occurs annually, typically in summer. You will receive a letter from the WCA detailing the most important issues we are facing in the Legislature, along with a pledge form. Contributions to CHIEF can be made annually, quarterly or monthly via a personal check made payable to CHIEF, personal credit card, or by authorizing automated clearing house (ACH) withdrawals from a personal checking or savings account, eliminating the need to renew annual pledges during pledge drives. The WCA conduit fully complies with all state and federal election laws and reporting requirements. When the WCA identifies a candidate or committee to support, we will fax or email a CHIEF Authorization Request form with the name of the candidate/committee, and the amount to consider authorizing from your personal CHIEF account. Please return this form promptly, as we cannot act without your authorization.

Questions About CHIEF?

Please contact WCA Executive Director John Murray at (608) 256-7023 or